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Lose Those Stubborn Pounds for Good!

Lose Those Stubborn Pounds for Good!

Lose Those Stubborn Pounds for Good!

We are delighted to add our newest plus one to the party, Miss Stella Noelle. Words can’t describe how elated I am to be a new mom again,  but between quarantining and pregnancy I’ve managed to gain an extra 60 pounds of love! Yes, I know, I know… don’t judge me!

Adding a new baby to the mix means that my life is full of changes – and there are so many  new things to do so my motto for 2021 is just that, “New Year, New Do!”. This year I’m  going to do things in a new way in order to see some new results, starting with my weight loss. I’ve decided not to stress about it or jump on some crazy crash diet just to quickly lose weight in an unhealthy way. It took months to gain this weight, so there’s nothing  wrong with taking my time to get back into shape. Plus, I want the weight loss to last. To make it happen, I’ll be making some healthy lifestyle changes that you can try too!  Remember it’s all about creating a new way of doing things – a New Do!

Do Be Kind to Yourself! 

It seems like at the stroke of midnight everyone started making lists of things they’re cutting  from their diet immediately like alcohol, breads, or sugar. Just because it’s the norm doesn’t  mean it’s right…and besides, when has quitting anything cold turkey ever been successful? Don’t deprive yourself. Instead, do be kind and generous to yourself! Try to think less about what you can’t have and focus more on what you can have  (and enjoy)!

Eventually, you’ll start to notice how many delicious new foods you’ve actually added to your  diet. Slowly but surely, your not-so-good cravings will subside and the snacks, drinks, and  meals you once ran to for comfort will no longer be your go-to – which leads me to my next  point…

Do Make Healthy Substitutions

It’s time to blow the whistle and bring in the subs! Let’s get creative in the kitchen! First,  make a list of foods you tend to eat that are high in calories and low in benefits. Now think  about all the healthier foods that can be swapped into their place.

1. I’m pretty good about keeping my distance from the unnecessary sugars in soda and juice and typically I walk around with my water bottle, sipping all day. But sometimes I get tired of drinking plain water, so I drink coconut water instead! Coconut water is  filled with electrolytes, it keeps me hydrated, and it has lots of benefits like potassium  and calcium which is great for nursing. I also use coconut water in my smoothies, like my Tropical Carrot Smoothie,  instead of juice or dairy.

2. Another great substitute to consider is Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream. Trust me, Greek yogurt is smooth, creamy, and tastes a lot like sour cream. Yes, that means Taco Tuesday finally gets lightened up! You can also replace croutons on your salad with nuts like walnuts or pistachios.

3. You can even switch out your appliances and cookware as well! Switch that deep fryer or frying pan for an air fryer to prepare foods with less oil and fat.

Do Eat The Rainbow! 

I don’t know about you but I prefer counting money, not calories. To avoid counting  calories or weighing my foods, another way I make sure I eat better is by eating the rainbow. If everything on your plate last night was brown or white, then keep reading and take notes!

By adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet, I add a variety of color and a healthy  boost to each of my meals. I try to make sure that I have at least 3-4 colors on my plate  because where there’s color, there are benefits like vitamins and antioxidants – so eating a  colorful diet means that I’m actually giving my body what it needs.

See? You don’t have to deprive yourself at all. Now you have free range to load up that soup  or salad because you’re loading it up with more color! Even your breakfast eggs deserve a  little colorful love – add tri-color peppers for an extra boost of color and flavor. Next time  you’re preparing a meal or smoothie consider the rainbow of colors you can explore!

Do Practice Good Habits! 

While filming cooking videos I sometimes get footage of myself while prepping. Watching  myself on film gives me the chance to check my behaviors and mannerisms in the kitchen.  I’ll just say, you’d be surprised at what you do unconsciously! So I want you to stop and take  note of what moves you’re making in the kitchen and figure out ways to change those  behaviors for the better.

1. Do you stand over the counter and eat? Mhmmm…I used to do that! What I did not realize is by doing so, I was eating more and eating faster than I would while having a seat and enjoying each bite of my meal.

2. How about drinking while cooking? I know so many people who drink wine while cooking as a way to enjoy the mood, but that’s also a quick way to stack up calories and sugars. Think about it: one or two glasses of wine while prepping and cooking,  then a couple more during the meal…that’s double consumption! How about waiting to open the wine until after the meal is prepared, then enjoying the two together? Pay  attention to those smaller habits because they have a way of adding up!

We don’t have to be hard on ourselves in order to get healthier. Life is a party so enjoy it and your health journey by creating your New Do. When you switch your perspective and practice this New Do, you’re sure to see results!


Chef Jamika is a classically trained Chef, Entrepreneur, Television Host, Motivational Speaker, Risk-taker, Cheerleader, Frequent Flyer, Philanthropist, wife, mom, sister and friend. Jamika Pessoa resides in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA with her husband and daughter.

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