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Mojito Recipes

Chef Jamika's Mojito-Inspired Recipes

Chef Jamika wants to give you a twist on the traditional mojito recipe. Instead of the alcohol, she features all the mojito flavors in her desserts, appetizers, and more. The Mojito ingredients, such as lime, lime zest, and rum (extract), all can be found in her desserts and appetizers. Everyone can enjoy the flavor of a Mojito without all the alcohol.

Chef Jamika’s Classic Mojito Recipe

Chef Jamika’s recipe for a Classic Mojito is perfect for those of us who are trying to keep on the healthy side. It has all the flavor of a classic mojito, but instead of using sugar, she uses agave nectar. She also replaces the lime garnish with cucumber slices. Cucumbers are the perfect addition to this mojito on hot summer days and nights. The fresh flavor compliments the mint flavor so well without detracting from it.


Be sure to add Chef Jamika’s signature Mojito recipe to your cocktail menu for your next gathering. It’s her go-to drink for just about any get together, and she always finds a way to add a mojito to her menu. The ‘Mika Mojito' recipe is the most requested among her friends, so she always has full glasses waiting for them when they come by the house!

Her cocktail tip: when enjoying a fun cocktail, cut the extra calories and make room for more mojito’s by keeping it light & sweet with agave nectar!