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Grown & Sexy Couples Fun Night – Party of Two!

Grown & Sexy Couples Fun Night – Party of Two!

Grown & Sexy Couples Fun Night – Party of Two!

Hey everybody, I’m Chef Jamika Pessoa – and welcome to my party!  You know those nights when you’re in the mood for a grown & sexy party for two? – well, here are my tips for keeping it spicy & lots of fun in the bedroom!  If the kitchen’s not the only room where you drop it like it’s hot – kick back, pour a Panty Dropper – and let’s get this party started!  Now a word of caution, the Panty Dropper is a cocktail whose name says it all – so please drop your panties responsibly – and don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Arousing your partner’s five senses can really set the mood for a sexy night.  Tease their sense of taste – and cook their favorite meal to really get their mouth watering.  Stimulate their sense of touch – and give them a massage in a warm & steamy drawn bubble bath coupled with your favorite massage oil.  Create the perfect ambience with music to stimulate their sense of sound – throw on a little “Luther” for the old school crew (for me a little Trey Songs always does the trick!).  Have them all eyes and excite their sense of sight, with that sexy lace number you only wear when you need a really BIG favor!  And light a few Vanilla scented candles throughout the bedroom, to have more than just your man’s nose (wink) standing at attention – to peak their sense of smell.  So now that we’ve tantalized all the senses to set the mood – let’s have some fun!  

Take a sip, and check out my 4 tips for a Grown & Sexy Couples Fun Night – Party of Two!

1. Let the games begin! 

Playing games together allows both of you to let down your inhibitions, and laugh!  Not only is laughing lots of fun, but did you know that laughing actually releases powerful endorphins that can be just as relaxing as having sex?  (That must be something really funny!)  Try your hand at card games, board games, trivia games, or strip poker, (no judgements here!).  When you are having fun with your mate, there’s never a loser – but just a little hint, let your partner win a hand too!

2. Mmmm, taste that! 

Set up a buffet tasting party for two filled with foods that are finger-licking good!  Include items high in vitamins and Zinc proven to boost your mood like seafood, almonds, and avocado. Strawberries and dark chocolate are always a winning combination to get any party started – try my Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries and have your partner guess the filling blindfolded.  Bae will be eating… out of your hands in no time!   

3. Paging Dr. Dress Up!

Okay, not really like a naughty nurse, bad doctor kind of dress up – unless you are into that (again, no judgements!); but instead dress up to create a theme night!  Put on your favorite beach hat and floral shirt (over your sexy lace number of course), and create a mini “Caribbean” staycation.  Serve Caribbean drinks and dishes throughout the night. Create a fun getaway your partner won’t want to get away from!

4. Spa Pampering Night!

Quiet music, soft fluffy robes, fuzzy slippers, and a bottle (or two) of champagne! Create a sultry spa oasis at home complete with massages, face masks, and a steamy bath. Use an app or online search to hire a massage therapist to come to your home, or each of you can be the other’s private masseuse.  Happy endings optional!  

What Grown & Sexy Couples Fun Tip will you try this week?  

What I’m Celebrating!
This week I’m celebrating Couples Fun!   Let’s keep the conversation going, Check out my IG Stories @ChefJamika on InstagramLife is a party, so live it like one!   

Chef Jamika is a classically trained Chef, Entrepreneur, Television Host, Motivational Speaker, Risk-taker, Cheerleader, Frequent Flyer, Philanthropist, wife, mom, sister and friend. Jamika Pessoa resides in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA with her husband and daughter.

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