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5 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day – Any Day!

5 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day – Any Day!

5 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day – Any Day!

Hey ladies! This post is dedicated to all the special women in my life, including you! Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect reminder for us to take the time to recognize all of the special women in our lives who inspire, affirm, and encourage us to live our very best lives every day! 

So today I’m toasting – To all the grandma’s – full of grace, wisdom and care. To all the mommy’s – the professional wipers of tears and endless givers of love, hugs, & kisses. To all the mothers who have passed on – and continue to live on through us. To all the pet-moms – with open hearts full of love for our furriest family members (except for that one uncle!). Cheers to ALL the mama’s out there keeping it classy and sassy – and for showing us all of what a #bossmom really is! 

And for those of you who aren’t moms, don’t feel left out! I’m celebrating the sistah’s who snatch your edges, the one’s who do your nails, co-workers, postal workers, bus drivers, teachers, doctors, mentors, neighbors, cousins, aunties, sisters, bosses, friends… all of the Worthy, Outstanding, Mess-free, Extraordinary, Never-failing Women out there representing for us all – each and every day! So tip your glass, and take a sip of your Lemon Sorbet & Prosecco Cocktail for the all the ladies in your life that work together to make you as fabulous as you are! Now let’s give women a day to remember this Mother’s Day! 

5 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day…

  1. Mom-cation!
    We’ve all heard of a stay-cation, well let’s create a Mom-cation! Whisk mom away off to a far-away place right in her own home. Make her dream vacation come to life with themed music, food and fun outfits! Would your mom love a Jamaican vacay? Turn up the reggae music, and spice up her special day with my authentic Jerk Chicken Recipe – and serve her all day in your best Jamaican accent! It may not be a stamp on her passport, but it will surely make her smile!
  2. Spend Quality Time!
    I talk to my mom just about every day, but with our busy lives, we rarely spend quality time together. If this sounds like you, try doing something that may be a little out of the norm, but is guaranteed to bring the two of you closer. If your mom lives nearby, pop in to a cooking class for the day, or cook a family recipe together. Or plan a fun day at a sip and paint class and paint a keepsake to remember the day; or try on a new look for the two of you with mommy/daughter make overs!
  3. Mommy Happy Hour!
    Instead of waiting in long lines and taking mom out for an expensive meal, keep things simple yet fun with a Mommy Happy Hour. Invite all of your relatives and mom’s friends over for one hour of non- stop fun, food, and laughter! Set out a few party starters, desserts, and champagne and enjoy. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to create a very special moment for a very special lady!
  4. Babysit!
    Most moms would appreciate even just an hour to herself, especially moms of little ones! Whether she needs a good nap, time to run an errand alone, or just a moment in the bathroom without a kid knocking at the door – moms need a time out too! Offer a time that is convenient for you both, and be sure to determine exactly how long she needs you for the day. The great thing about this is that the mom will be so grateful to you for keeping an eye on her tiny tot – and once you are done, you get to give the kid back!
  5. Volunteer!
    So many mothers and grandmothers are in retirement homes, hospitals and prisons – and need to be recognized too! Mother’s Day may be an emotional day for some; and your smile and presence can bring plenty of smiles to someone who really needs them. Pay a visit to a local organization or facility and share the day by donating your time or gifts to show a lady a little more love this Mother’s Day, or any day! 

What I’m Celebrating! 
I’m celebrating the special women in my life – all month long! Let’s keep the conversation going, Check out my IG Stories @ChefJamika on Instagram! Life is a party, so live it like one!   

Chef Jamika is a classically trained Chef, Entrepreneur, Television Host, Motivational Speaker, Risk-taker, Cheerleader, Frequent Flyer, Philanthropist, wife, mom, sister and friend. Jamika Pessoa resides in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA with her husband and daughter.

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