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6 Tips For Daily Health & Wellness

6 Tips For Daily Health & Wellness

6 Tips For Daily Health & Wellness

Hey everybody, we’re celebrating Women’s Health Week May 10 through May 16 this year, but I’m here to tell you that every day is an opportunity to increase your health and maintain a wellness balance!  Have you had your annual exam ladies?  Sure we’re all staying close to home right now, but as women we seem to put our attention on everyone else, and put ourselves and our wellness last – but listen, don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself! Are you taking your vitamins and supplements for strong bones and lovely skin? The world needs us around to run it – so let’s do our best to feel and look our absolute best!  Statistics show that maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise, can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, improve depression, improve sleep and lower your risk of diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

And remember, maintaining your health doesn’t just mean working out and dieting – a healthy balance includes mental and spiritual health too.  I know that I have days that seem absolutely bananas, and then lo and behold – the day after that seems even more bananas than the day before!  I’ve come to realize that we can’t always control what happens to us, so my overall goal is to try to ease my body, mind and spirit by incorporating intentional acts of wellness into my routine each day. So,take a sip of your Green Detox Tea Cooler, and check out my easy tips for infusing a little more health and wellnessinto your daily routine:

6 Tips to Infuse Health and Wellness into your Daily Routine

1.  Work It Out – Around the House
At least 5 days a week I do anywhere from 500 to 1000 sit-ups each day. Wait!! Stay with me – no, I don’t have abs of steel – but I do my best. My daughter is almost 4 and I still feel like that baby pooch is hanging around. I know what you are thinking… you don’t have time to do 500 anything; but yes you do! First of all, start small. While watching your favorite TV program you can do sit-ups during the commercial breaks. At the end of that 30-minute program you probably would have cranked out 200-300 crunches.  I guarantee, you’ll do more than you thought that you could, and if you incorporate it into each day – you’ll really surprise yourself at how routine it will become.  And it doesn’t have to be only sit-ups. While standing at the stove cooking dinner, do 20 leg lifts on each leg. Talk about building a bikini ready booty! Come up with creative ways to throw in some repetitious exercise that focuses on tightening and strengthening muscles – and keep your body healthy and strong!

2.  #Hydrate
I can’t stress enough how important drinking water throughout the day is. Did you know that increasing your water intake can improve your sex life? Now you better toast and sip to that! No joke, water can increase your libido. Water also helps with brain health, clear skin, lessens muscle fatigue, and aids digestion just to name a few of its many benefits.  Keep your water bottle around you all day long and take a sip every time you see it or think about it; even if you are not thirsty, take a sip anyway.  Water not really your first drink of choice? That’s ok. Start by watering down your juice or soda by half, or add a little flavor to plain water by adding fresh fruits like smashed grapes, orange slices or a squeeze of lemon.

3.  I’ll Have a Salad With That
The next time you are at the drive thru and they ask, what side would you like? Instead of ordering fries, add a side salad. You’d be surprised by how many vitamins and nutrients you are not getting each day if you skimp on your vegetables. I am not one to put measurements on my food by calories or cups, but I do find it much easier to simply add a salad to each meal.  For instance, I add fresh spinach or arugula to my egg white omelet along with tomatoes and peppers, or if I don’t feel like eating my salad I drink it!  Blend some kale with avocado, yogurt and banana for a fresh smoothie. Who says a salad has to be a bowl of boring greens and dressing?

Get creative with salads using a variety of greens and toppings. Just remember not to let high calorie, sugary dressing be your downfall. Store bought dressings can pack a lot of fat and sugar into a couple of tablespoons, and sabotage your healthy routine. Try making your own dressings with common items from your fridge and pantry like fresh herbs, citrus fruits, oils, vinegars, and Greek yogurt. Check out my recipe for White Bean & Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette– add your own twists and make this recipe your own!

4.  One Moment Please, I’m Breathing
Ommmmm. Ommmmm. Meditate with me. Close your eyes and say ommmmm. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now, I am not a devout meditator and the one time I did take a meditation class my thoughts were all over the place for the first half – and by the time I calmed my thoughts, I fell asleep!  If you have the mental focus to meditate then that is great!, but if not, the important thing to remember is to take conscious efforts to breathe throughout the day. I mean stopping what you are doing and taking a full deep breath. I often have to remind myself to do this because I can get so engrossed in my work, or busy throughout the day chasing Sasha, running errands – but when I do take the time to stop and breathe, I immediately feel so much better. Plus, deep breathing helps increase energy, improves immunity, and lowers blood pressure and stress levels.

5.  Party Any Way
Sure “social distancing” has thrown us all for a loop, but who would have guessed that there were so many ways to have fun together while staying at least 6 feet apart!  I recently gathered my neighbors together for some good, clean quarantine fun, and hosted an afternoon session of social-distance yoga (see my post on IG).  It was a great way to get out of the house, enjoy some fresh air, enjoy some laughs and stretch our cares away.  And on those nights when staying in is your only option, go to the club anyway and join an after-dark virtual dance party like Club Quarantine hosted by DJ D-Nice.  He keeps the party going for hours and who knows what celebs you may bump into in the VIP!

6.  Chile, Smile!
Smile, God loves you! I know you may not feel like you have something to smile about right now, but what if I told you smiling can improve your overall health. According to stress studies, smiling activates the release of feel-good-messengers that work toward fighting stress. Go ahead a smile right now! For me, a smile usually leads to a laugh which is even better. Surround yourself with fun people; read a feel good story online, or watch a funny show. Even set smile reminders on your phone and send a smiley emoji to someone who could use a good smile too. I’m smiling right now, are you!

Chef Jamika is a classically trained Chef, Entrepreneur, Television Host, Motivational Speaker, Risk-taker, Cheerleader, Frequent Flyer, Philanthropist, wife, mom, sister and friend. Jamika Pessoa resides in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA with her husband and daughter.

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