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Lite Bites

Now That’s What I’m Cooking About!

As a Southern Belle with Caribbean roots, I describe my cooking style as "Caribbean Heat meets Southern Sweet"! I fell in love with cooking, growing up watching my grandmother make magic happen at every meal. I learned early on that a Chef with great food is like a DJ with an awesome playlist – we keep the party going!

Grilled Escovitch Red SnappperBy Chef JamikaThis dish screams island delight. Jamaican Escovitch is traditionally served as a whole snapper flash fried served with a cook up of sweet and hot peppers. I maintained the flavors and the vibe but modified the cooking technique by grilling the snapper instead of frying . And don't get me started on the green sauce on this one. This sauce can make anything taste delicious... it's that good and easy to make!
Crispy Oven Fried Chicken SandwichesBy Chef JamikaFeed your fried chicken craving with this healthy twist! Swap the classic breading for panko breadcrumbs and skip the oil for an oven fry. It's a satisfying and delicious sandwich the whole family can get behind.
Thai Peanut SaladBy Chef JamikaIf you only have a little bit of peanut butter left in the jar and don't know what to do with it, give this recipe a try. This salad with peanut dressing is flavorful and light — perfect for a quick lunch or side with dinner.
Mediterranean Chicken SkewersBy Chef JamikaHere is a quick and easy go to for a weeknight meal or a fast party appetizer for an impromtu gathering.
Curry Chicken Skillet DinnerBy Chef JamikaDon't let leftovers go to waste. If you make fajitas and have a lot left, transform them into this skillet dinner the next night. With this recipe you can remix your leftovers into another tasty dish instantly by adding in some spices. And ...looking to add more vitamins and iron to your diet, stir in 2 cups of fresh spinach!