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Party Starters

Now That’s What I’m Cooking About!

As a Southern Belle with Caribbean roots, I describe my cooking style as "Caribbean Heat meets Southern Sweet"! I fell in love with cooking, growing up watching my grandmother make magic happen at every meal. I learned early on that a Chef with great food is like a DJ with an awesome playlist – we keep the party going!

Crush PuppiesBy Chef JamikaWhat happens when a crab cake and a hushpuppy have a love child? Give up? You make a Crushpuppy! The appetizer is the perfect combination of flavorful crabmeat dipped in a spicy cornmeal batter and fried to perfection. Make a lot because these go fast. Don’t say I did not warn you.
Spicy Salami StromboliBy Chef JamikaWhen it comes to watching football, the food is almost as good as the game! Try this easy and delicious spicy salami stromboli for the best game day snack.
Chicken-Black Bean Quesadilla StackersBy Chef JamikaI bet you never thought you would be making quesadillas in a spring form cake pan. Well after making these quesadilla stackers, I guarantee you will never go back to eating folded quesadillas ever again!
Spicy Stuffing Crab CakesBy Chef JamikaYou may think of crab cakes as out of reach for a weeknight dinner, but if you've got boxed stuffing at home, you're already halfway there. These mouth-watering spicy crab cakes are flavorful and super easy to make. Serves 4
Mac N’ Cheese Jalapeno Bacon PoppersBy Chef JamikaJalapeno, butter, bacon, cheese..these are a few of my favorite things. Now you can serve them all up in a bite size delight for any party or gathering.
Shrimp Boil with Cajun ButterBy Chef JamikaMy shrimp boil brings everyone to the table for a no frills, no fuss meal. Just fun, finger licking, and lip smacking permitted when there is jumbo shrimp and my spicy butter sauce slowly poured over the top.
Deep Fried Cajun Turkey WingsBy Chef JamikaThese wings are a definite touchdown on gameday! Show your turkey wings a little love by spicing them up and deep frying them for the perfectly cooked wing; crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Here is a little tip: for larger wings, pierce the skin to ensure wings cooked throughout.
Low Country Crab Dip (As Seen On GMA)By Chef JamikaGrowing up in the South, nothing brings us together like football and a good crab boil. I have taken all of the ingredients we love from a Low Country Crab Boil and combined them in a dip. Smoked sausage, sweet corn, and luscious lump crab combined in a three cheese creamy medley of goodness. And don't forget the roasted potatoes for dipping! Want to elevate your tailgate this season, this is the way to go!