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Now That’s What I’m Cooking About!

As a Southern Belle with Caribbean roots, I describe my cooking style as "Caribbean Heat meets Southern Sweet"! I fell in love with cooking, growing up watching my grandmother make magic happen at every meal. I learned early on that a Chef with great food is like a DJ with an awesome playlist – we keep the party going!

Spinach Alfredo Mashed PotatoesBy Chef JamikaDress those plain mashed potatoes up this holiday with a little festive flare! My spinach alfredo mashed potatoes are the perfect pairing of fluffy mashed potatoes with a buttery, garlicky, creamy alfredo sauce. Your family wont know what hit them!
NEW ORLEANS BOURBON PRALINE CHEESECAKEBy Chef JamikaLooking for a dessert that will have you licking the front and the back of your fork, then this is it! Sometimes making cheesecake can be intimidating for some, but this easy recipe works every time and the sauce is so good, you could literally put it on anything and it would taste good. Happy Holidays!
Melty Chocolate Peppermint “Grinch” CookiesBy Chef JamikaThe Grinch is my favorite Christmas movie, so this is a bit of a tribute cookie. There are so many layers of flavors to this cookie. The vibrant green sugar cookie dough is wrapped around a chocolaty Nutella center that is so gooey and delicious when it melts. The top is crushed peppermint candy which gives flavor and a little crunch. So just like the Grinch, the outside has a rough exterior, but on the inside it’s all warm and soft. The perfect cookie to make for Santa (or you!)
Crush PuppiesBy Chef JamikaWhat happens when a crab cake and a hushpuppy have a love child? Give up? You make a Crushpuppy! The appetizer is the perfect combination of flavorful crabmeat dipped in a spicy cornmeal batter and fried to perfection. Make a lot because these go fast. Don’t say I did not warn you.
Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Kale PotatoesBy Chef JamikaHow about a step aways from tradition this holiday? My juicy pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon is pork on pork and flavor on flavor. It’s quick and easy to make and the sides of potatoes and kale roast right in the pan. Less mess less clean up. Cheers to that!
Merry MocktailBy Chef JamikaThis is my go-to drink for the holidays! It’s sweet , tart, tangy, bubbly, and great for gatherings. And if things get a little overwhelming, add a shot of rum to make everything Merry and Bright. Please drink responsibly.