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Now That’s What I’m Cooking About!

As a Southern Belle with Caribbean roots, I describe my cooking style as "Caribbean Heat meets Southern Sweet"! I fell in love with cooking, growing up watching my grandmother make magic happen at every meal. I learned early on that a Chef with great food is like a DJ with an awesome playlist – we keep the party going!

Cherry Vodka LimeadeBy Chef JamikaYou must seize the moment cherries come into season! Between late April to mid August, fresh cherries are so sweet and delectable. Here is a great way to savor that ripe cherry taste long after the season has passed. Cheers!
Non-Alcoholic CoquitoBy Chef JamikaStep aside traditional egg nog, Coquito is in the building! Traditionally, this Puerto Rican holiday drink contains egg yolks and rum. I have chosen to forgo those ingredients, however, the flavor is all the same delicious. If you would like to add a little rum to yours, be my guest. Just drink responsibly.
Paloma CocktailBy Chef JamikaFruity, tangy, and sweet with a splash of tequila - this low-carb grown and sexy grapefruit cocktail might just be your new 2021 fave!
Merry MocktailBy Chef JamikaThis is my go-to drink for the holidays! It’s sweet , tart, tangy, bubbly, and great for gatherings. And if things get a little overwhelming, add a shot of rum to make everything Merry and Bright. Please drink responsibly.
Tropical Carrot SmoothieBy Chef JamikaCarrots have beta carotene which is great for skin inflammation and a healthy liver. #ConversationsCocktails&Confetti