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Cherry Vodka Limeade

Yields1 Serving

You must seize the moment cherries come into season! Between late April to mid August, fresh cherries are so sweet and delectable. Here is a great way to savor that ripe cherry taste long after the season has passed. Cheers!

Cherry Vodka
 4 cups cherries
 3 cups vodka
 1 oz lime juice
 simple syrup, to taste
 club soda or Sprite
 fresh cherries or lime slices, for garnish

Wash and pit cherries. Slice cherries half and place in an airtight container. Pour vodka over cherries and top with lid. Give a little shake.


Allow cherries to sit for 3-4 days on your counter or up to a week in the refrigerator.
Strain and discard cherries. Store vodka in a bottle.


To make cherry vodka limeade, pour 2 oz. of cherry vodka in a glass with fresh lime juice. Sweeten with simple syrup to your liking. Stir well. Top with a soda and ice. Garnish with any fresh cherries and lime slices.